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D-3 Mostra Internazionale di Architettura

Architects Against Housing Alienation (AAHA) presents 10 C/A/N/A/D/A teams of architects, activists and advocates to generate a campaign to produce socially, environmentally and ethically sustainable housing for all. NOT FOR SALE!

L’OEUF Architectes, with Bâtir son quartier and the CEUM, proposes a reflection on the function of living in its entirety. It includes everything that surrounds housing and develops the fundamental ambient urban ecosystems as a basis for equity and universal access to the quality of life required to live fully together. Concretely, they are defined as holistic urban systems related to population density, public space, mobility networks, commercial complexity, green space, metabolics, social cohesion and governance providing services to all.

Thus we demand a vision and participatory process for housing development that supports ambient urban ecosystems as a permanently accessible commons necessary for social housing.