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OAQ Excellence Award 2015 for Sustainable Development

Award of Excellence in Architecture

Sustainable Development Award
Project House in Four Field, L’OEUF

“Sometimes you have to know how to measure your luck, and believe me, I am well aware of how lucky I am: nothing is more gratifying for an oaQ president than to present the best of Quebec architecture. once again, a large number of entries – 175 architectural projects – were submitted for this edition of our awards of excellence. This proves that architecture is alive and well and that architects are proud of their projects.
The jury, made up of personalities and experts, did a wonderful job of shortlisting 58 buildings and then analysing their characteristics in detail before choosing 15 winners. In addition to looking at the technical aspects, it was able to highlight the emotion generated by the architectural gesture, while at the same time sending out a strong message about the role that architecture plays in society.
The public prize, for its part, attracted a high level of participation, with over
4000 votes. This is a fine way of reminding us that architecture is not only a matter for professionals or clients; it is for everyone, users and citizens.
I would like to congratulate the winners, as well as the clients who are behind the projects presented in this booklet. I leave it to you to admire them, and I hope that this will encourage you to desire a quality built environment.

Nathalie Dion, Director of the OAQ

The jury particularly liked this project, which combines the reuse of an existing building with advanced sustainable development intentions, while not neglecting architectural elegance and the comfort of the inhabitants. Beyond the technical dimension, man is indeed placed at the heart of the project, thanks to a reflexion on the uses and the way of living, different according to the seasons. The environmental strategies, although present, are discreet. The house, which makes good use of the site, adapts. It is in a way both active and passive. The value of this project lies in the fact that it is not an academic approach to sustainable construction, where one ticks off a list of criteria, but rather an intuitive approach that leaves plenty of room for inventiveness.

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