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Training La Factry by Aurélia

Since last September, our collaborator Aurelia has been taking the Pause training at La Factry, The School of Creative Sciences, in Montreal. She shares with you her current experience on this meaningful course.

In today’s changing world, which has been even more significantly transformed during the last two years due to the arrival of a global pandemic, it is now, more than ever, necessary to adapt, to take a step back, in particular by continuous training.
That’s the reason why I’ve decided to start a new training course, the topic of this article.
In September 2020, about a year ago, I went for a drink (just before the non-essential services were closed again, remember?) with two acquaintances from my former Parisian architecture school, who had recently moved to Montreal. My friends tell me that they are starting the Pause training at the Factry, a school that defines itself as “The School of Creative Sciences”. Pause is a 12-week training program, subsidized by the city of Montreal, in which, for the past three years, around 20 students have been selected “to develop the skills needed to tackle a job market that is changing through creativity, critical thinking, problem solving and communications.” On the agenda for this 12-week course : design-thinking, leadership, social innovation interventions, communication, empathy classes, storytelling sessions, gamification, and many other things that, hearing them tell me about it, resonate directly with the Creative Listening and Integrated Design Process methods we use at L’OEUF and make me want to participate right away! I keep it in the back of my mind. Time passes.
Here we are in April 2021. While wandering around on social media, I come across an instagram post from the Factry, announcing that they are launching the applications for the 3rd cohort of Pause which is due to start in September 2021. Not thinking twice, I prepared my application and send it in. Bingo, on May 25, I receive a positive response confirming that I am selected to participate in the 3rd cohort, in September 2021.
How lucky am I? At L’OEUF, we like atypical profiles, curious and open-minded people, and we’re always looking to acquire new skills and develop soft skills to be a better team member and collaborate on projects that change the world for the better. This training is just what I needed.
Besides, what I like most of all is to learn new things.

So here I am, embarked since mid-September in the training Pause of la Factry adventure where I am surrounded by people with different profiles and different backgrounds, who contribute to enrich the experience. I’m stepping out of my comfort zone (again) to add to my skill set, through participative and fun workshops, exciting conferences led by various speakers (designers, psychologists, directors, engineers, artists, etc.), each one more inspiring than the last, which will only enrich my work with L’OEUF.
Combining my training at The School of Creative Sciences and my work at L’ŒUF allows me to evolve in an even more significant way, to become more attuned to the needs of citizens and to develop a collaborative and human approach in the service of our mission: to transform great ideas into sustainable realities.
The Pause slogan “To move forward, you have to know how to stop” is more relevant than ever, and I would even add “To move forward, you have to know when to take a step back and learn continuously”.