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Esquisses Spring 2022


We’re in the news! See the spring 2022 edition of Esquisses for a pair of articles citing the work of L’OEUF. In the article L’avenir est circulaire, Daniel Pearl, co-founder and Senior Principal partner, discusses his work with the architecture of adaptive reuse and he underlines how important adaptability is in architecture. In the article Circularité appliquée, Bâtiment 7, a landmark project for the firm, is selected as an example of repurposing buildings, reuse of materials and sustaining communities. Located in Pointe-Saint-Charles, this project was completed a few years ago in partnership with the client group Collectif 7 à nous. Sudhir Suri, also Principal Senior Partner, explains that the architecture of adaptive reuse requires a “more flexible design approach since plans must be adapted during the project.”

Thus, the architecture of adaptive reuse requires as much flexibility in planning layout as in the design concepts.

“You also have to be able […] to use your design skills to see the beauty and highlight it.”  – Sudhir Suri, Architect

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