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Coop Coteau Vert - UTPT

Housing, community environment and ICP
2000 – 2010

Client: Coop Le Coteau Vert, GRT Bâtir son Quartier NPO Un Toit pour Tous

Architect: L’OEUF S.E.N.C

Mechanical engineer: PMA
Structural engineer :
CPF Groupe Conseil | Vinci Consultant
General Contractor: Sept Frères Construction

Project cost: $180,000
Delivery date: September 2010
City: Rosemont

The Coteau Vert co-operative wanted to improve the building quality of community housing and integrate sustainable measures and systems within a limited budget. In order to meet the unique needs of our clients and to offer them the best possible support, we obtained a grant from CMHC. The grant allowed us to set up an effective collaborative design system with all stakeholders, both professionals and citizens, and A Roof for All.
During the design period, the public, tenants, architects and clients participate in a series of roundtable discussions, organised by L’OEUF, creating an energetic narrative for real common benefit. Ellen Wood was designed for seniors and families, simplifying the maintenance that is usually required.
“I love my flat. It’s bright and warm and I have almost no heating bill, but the most exciting thing is living in this community with a lot of idealistic people…” Frank Suerich, tenant.