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Housing, communautary environment and ICP
2020 – 2023


Architect: L’OEUF / FIGURR

Main partners involved to follow

Expected delivery date: 2023



We are very pleased to be awarded this project in consortium with Figurr.

The idea of designing an innovative, functional, holistic, sustainable, unique project, a striking Aboriginal symbol in the Montreal landscape, is one that we are very excited about. The urban Aboriginal population is constantly growing: 25,000 Aboriginals of all nations live in Montreal. In addition to natural growth, there is also the migration of Aboriginal Quebecers to urban centres, some fleeing the sometimes difficult housing conditions in the communities, others coming to study or work there, most often accompanied by family members. Our project with you will be co-designed, designed by and for you, inscribed in the Local Indigenous Design Charter and in the International Indigenous Design Charter, ICOD-D.

The program consists of the development of a complex of between 75 and 150 family-type social and community housing units and 15,000 to 20,000 sq. ft. of community space for offices and multi-purpose rooms, to be built on a site reserved by the City of Montreal 10 minutes from the De l’Église metro station. It also includes the construction of an underground parking lot with 550 spaces for the residents and employees of the project, but also for the beneficiaries of the adjacent hospital and the citizens of the neighbourhood. In addition, this project should meet part of the strong demand for housing with 3 or more bedrooms for families with many children.

The project will have to be both plural, in order to recognise the specificities of each of the Aboriginal nations, and unifying, by putting forward the identity traits common to the diverse Aboriginal cultures.