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Daniel Pearl




Bachelor of Architecture, Professional Diploma in Architecture, MCGILL University, Montreal, 1986

Bachelor of Science in Architecture, MCGILL University, Montreal, 1984

CaGBC, OAQ Architect

MOBA, Prix coup de coeur, 2020

CaGBC Leadership Awards, Lifetime Achievement Award, 2019

Curry Stone Design Prize for Social Design Circle 2018

Award of Excellence, House in Four Fields / La Bergerie Sustainability Citation, OAQ, 2015

Award of Excellence, House in Four Fields / La Bergerie
Canadian Architect 2012.

CaGBC Leadership Awards, Leadership in Higher Education, 2009

Housing Award of Excellence for Benny Farm CMHC Affordable Housing, CMHC 2006.

Third place HOLCIM Foundation Sustainability Award 2006.
Winner – Innovative Practice – Housing for “Greening the Benny Farm Infrastructure”, Contech Trophy

Personality of the Year Award – Business, Administration and Institutions Category, La Presse, 2006

First Prize North America HOLCIM Sustainability Award 2005

Award of Excellence in Architecture for the McGill University Eco-Residence, OAQ, 2000

35 years


Co-founder of L’OEUF, Daniel has developed a marked expertise in sustainable development recognized across Canada and internationally, also marked in 2019 by the CaGBC’s Lifetime Achievement Award. This valuable expertise, fuelled by his research at the Université de Montréal and his transatlantic network of contacts, make him a highly sought-after architect, consultant and speaker. Specialized in public and urban architecture, Daniel puts his know-how at the service of communities with an approach based on a balance between technical reliability, economic feasibility and innovation. At the heart of his approach, the architectural quality of the project always meets that of the public spaces created around it. He is one of the Canadian pioneers of regenerative architecture, a subject he also teaches at the university. Convinced of the importance of professional-citizen collaboration to co-design our collective future, each project he works on is an opportunity to reaffirm the identity of the place, its connection to its community and its inclusion in an urban ecosystem. Daniel has participated in and led co-design charrettes for projects involving communities of over 10,000 people. He advocates the integrated design process to define the needs and objectives of each project. He has recently applied his expertise to two significant projects: Place Griffintown, a multi-unit housing project chosen by the SHQ as a demonstration project and a study for the City of Montreal on “Resilience and a new Accès-Logis standard” for 2021 and 2022.


Fare Community, Calgary, mixed use, circular economy, food security and social inclusion project, ongoing
Place Griffintown, Montreal, demonstration project for Accès-Logis Montreal, in progress
C40-Reinventing Cities, Montreal, design, research and innovation for a sustainable urban development project 2019 -2020
Analyses – Complexity and Ecosystem Urbanism, University of British Columbia, BC, studies, modelling and planning assessment of the Stadium Road neighbourhood on the UBC campus, 2018-2019
COOP Bois Ellen, Montreal, 160 housing units, design, integration of sustainable strategies and performance monitoring – pilot project, 2012-2019
7 àNous, Bâtiment 7 CN, Montréal, community driver project in the Pointe St-Charles neighbourhood, mixed community use, with sustainable reallocation of a storage building, 2009-2018
Petite Rivière: sustainable urban development, Montreal, carbon neutral development with emphasis on integrated ecosystems, 2007-2013
Coop Le Coteau Vert and NPO Un Toit pour Tous, Montreal, QC, Sustainable social housing, 2006-2012
Coop de Résidences BENNY FARM, Montreal, QC, 187 sustainable affordable housing units, global ecology model, 2003-2004
House in Four Field – La Bergerie, Construction of a single family home, Mont Tremblant, 2011-2014
LAB-ÉCOLE, Rimouski, Construction of a primary school, Winner of the Design-Research-Innovation-Delivery competition, 2020
Pôle Municipal de Vaudreuil-Dorion, Construction of a new municipal centre, City Hall, Library, Square, Design-research-innovation and implementation, 2020
École Domaine Vert Nord, Mirabel, Quebec, research on envelope efficiency and natural light, 2019
École Terre-Soleil, Sainte-Thérèse, Québec, PCI, envelope efficiency and natural light research, 2019
Centre Culturel Notre Dame de Grâce, Montreal, QC, municipal facility including a library and spaces for cultural activities, 2011-2016

Daylighting and School Design, with Jennifer Benis, CSSSMI, 2021
Sustainable Architecture Symposium with Sudhir Suri, Sustainable Building, 2021
Climate Advisory Committee to the Mayor of Montreal, City of Montreal, 2019
Heat Sharing Network for Sustainable Neighbourhoods: A Vision for Montreal, with Kummert M., for the Service de l’urbanisme et de la mobilité de la Ville de Montréal, 2019
Developing A Neighbourhood’s Resilience, Americana: Environmental Forum and International Environmental Technology Exhibition, Montreal, 2019
From Regenerative Building to Regenerative Communities, ARCOP, New Delhi, India, 2018

Research seminar and research project workshop in architecture “Towards Sustainable Neighbourhoods” at the Master’s level, Full Professor, UdeM, 2019 – present
Architecture and Construction 3 and 4, Lecturer, UdeM, 2006-2016
Forms and Technique Workshop, Lecturer, UdeM, 2006-2007
Forms and Context Workshop, Lecturer, UdeM, 2006-2012
Details and integration course, lecturer, UdeM, 2006-2015
Final project (M. arch.), supervisor (associate and full professor) UdeM, 2011- today
PhD students: Samuel Letellier-Duchesne (Poly Mtl, 2019), Amy Oliver (UdeM, 2017), Carmela Cucuzzella (UConcordia, 2011), Trevor Butler (Cardiff Metropolitan U., 2017)

CIRODD (Centre for Interdisciplinary Research and Operationalisation of Sustainable Development), Member, Fonds de recherche du Québec – Nature et technologie (FRQNT)
Fayolle Chair, member of the chair and member of the scientific committee, Fayolle Canada Group
RAIC, CORE (Committee on Regenerative Environments), member core-regenerative design, Royal Architectural Institute of Canada
LEAP (Laboratoire d’étude de l’architecture potentielle), collaborator, inter-university research team based in Montreal
Re4 Montréal, co-researcher, transdisciplinary research team, Trottier Energy Institute (Poly Montréal)
REB (Réseau Énergie et Bâtiments), member of the Board, member of the Energy Loop Committee, member of the Benchmarking Committee, member of the Sustainable Housing Committee
RQREC (Réseau québécois de recherche sur l’économie circulaire) – to come, co-researcher for axis 1 “changes and transition” – in collaboration with HEC Montréal and axis 2 “planning optimisation” – in collaboration with Université Laval

The co-construction of our collective future, with Beauvais-Sauro E., ARQ magazine, 2020
Benny Farm: theory into Practice, in Ecoweek the book: 50 Voices for Sustainability, NGO ECOWEEK, Halifax, 2017.
Rethinking sustainability frameworks in neighbourhood projects: a process-based approach. BIS, with Oliver A., Building Research & Information: Routledge Taylor & Francis Group, 2017
Towards a sustainable neighbourhood through the AEUB ecosystem approach, with Oliver A., Conference proceedings, 2016
Using Building Performance Tools in Architecture and Engineering Curricula: From Massing to System Design, with Kummert M., Building Simulation 2015, Hyderabad, India, 2015.
The Role of ‘Early-Phase Mining’ in Reframing Net Positive Development , with Oliver A, Building Research & Information, Routledge Taylor & Francis Group, 2014
Community-inspired housing in Canada, with Wentz D. HOLCIM Foundation for Sustainable Construction, Zurich, Switzerland, 2014
Greening the architecture degree in Canada: a national academic forum, a matter of transdisciplinarity. with Mertenat C., and Cucuzzella C., VertigO: The Environmental Science e-journal, 2013
Introduction to the chapter “Guide to Good Practice, Building Technology, Steel Framing and Brick Veneer”. with Olivier B., Derome D., et al. Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation. Ottawa, Canada, 2006