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Mack Phillips


Master of Architecture (M.Arch), McGill University, Montreal, 2017-2018

Bachelor of Architectural Studies (B.As), University of Waterloo, Cambridge (ON), 2012-2017

Globalink Research Award, MITACS, 2019

Canada Graduate Scholarship – Master’s, Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada, 2018

CGS-M Michael Smith Foreign Study Supplement, Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada, 2018

President’s International Experience Award, University of Waterloo, 2016

President’s Scholarship of Distinction, University of Waterloo, 2012
Robert Kerr Scholarship, University of Waterloo, 2012

3 years


Mack is a designer and researcher with a significant background in architecture and other diverse fields. He is a meticulous and efficient worker. In his words, he has a passion for work well done, done on time. Mack believes that great architecture is built by strong interpersonal relationships – not by the genius of one individual. He understands that the professional services provided by architects are part of a larger context of social, economic and ecological networks; he is motivated by the prospect of exploring their connections through innovation. Mack’s research focuses on urban, peri-urban and rural architecture, and then on sustainable mobility, land and resource use. His previous research has been supported by SSHRC and MITACS and has covered topics such as optimal urbanization in the suburbs of Montreal, the development of transit-oriented landscapes in peri-urban Sweden, and the impact of urban consumption, including construction, on tropical forests.


Habitat, Community and Ecosystem Environment
Seasong Childcare, Richmond, BC, new construction, Public Architecture & Communications, preparing project for tender, 2016
Lund Hotel, Lund, BC, renovation, Public Architecture & Communications, sketch design & feasibility, 2016
Nemo Museum Restaurant, Amsterdam, Netherlands, renovation, Allard Architecture & Renzo Piano Building Workshop, assisting with construction documentation and change orders, 2015
Place Griffintown, Montreal, new construction, L’OEUF, preparing construction drawings, 2020
Van Luven Lake House, Bancroft, new construction, private clients, preparing drawings for construction, permit applications and coordination with contractors, 2019-2021
Deep Performance Dwelling, Montreal, new construction, Team Montreal, preparing construction and as-built drawings, 2017-2018
Holland Row Phase 1, North Vancouver, BC, new construction, Grimwood Architecture, detailed design & design review panel preparations, 2016
Keith & Jones, North Vancouver, BC, new construction, Grimwood Architecture, detailed design & design review panel preparations, 2016
Institutional Projects
Westmount Public School, Kitchener, new construction, CS&P Architects, preparing detailed design drawings, 2014

Coordinator of Projects & Researches, Pilot Projects Design Collective, Montreal, 2019-.
Assistant in the management and coordination of the Cities4Forests programme, in partnership with WRI
Manager of the network of contacts at the city, research assistants, partner organisations in relation to conference coordination, management of working groups and research projects to maintain the objectives of the programme. Contribute to scientific publications, blog, communications and participate in funding applications, including one granted for the renewal of the programme for 3 years.
External researcher, Institute for Urban and Rural Development Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Uppsala, Sweden, January – June 2019.
Continuing the research started during his Master’s degree with a multidisciplinary research group on the themes of TOD, peri-urban policies, sustainable mobility and the concept of “social landscape”.
Architectural Assistant, Farrow Partners Architects, Toronto, January – April 2017.
Submitting the proposal Living Bridges: design for the redevelopment of the Bloor Viaduct in Toronto with an innovative use of architectural materials to address housing affordability.Architectural Assistant, Allard Architecture, Amsterdam, Netherlands, May – August 2015.
Architectural Assistant, Allard Architecture, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, May – August 2015.
Documenting heritage buildings prior to their renovation into housing and sketching their rehabilitation.
Architectural Assistant, Taylor Hazell Architects, Toronto, September – December 2014.
Collect, analyze data and make recommendations for the King-Spadina Heritage Conservation District project.