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Aurelia Cremoux

Architectural intern
Project manager

State Diploma of Architecture, École Nationale Supérieure d’architecture de Paris-Val de Seine, Paris, 2013-2018

1st year of Master’s degree in exchange, Moscow Institute of Architecture, Moscow, 2016-2017

CACB / OAQ equivalence in progress

3 years
France, Russia, Canada

A graduate in Architecture and content creator, Aurélia is the host of the podcast “Montréal Boulevard” as well as the instagram account of the same name. She is a versatile and open-minded person.

Born in France, she lived in Moscow for more than a year to study and work and has now been living in Montreal for over two years. Her diverse experiences enrich her both humanly and culturally and contribute to broaden her field of possibilities.

Her driving force in life is to learn a little more every day. Determined and optimistic, she has the will to participate in the construction of a better world. With the tools of architecture, urban planning, travel and media creation, she wants a world turned towards people, diversity and respect of the environment.


Housing and community environment
Melville Housing, Westmount, renovation with creation of an extension, 2Architectures, assistant project manager, May 2019 – August 2020
Maisonneuve Housing, Montreal, renovation & extension new construction, 2Architectures, assistant design manager, March 2019 – August 2020

Urban ecosystem and civic environment
Lab Ecole Rimouski, Montreal, Competition won: new construction, L’ŒUF Architectes, Assistant Project Manager: interior design, October 2020 – present
Sanaaq Centre, Peter McGill Centre, Montreal, competition, 2Architectures in consortium with Humà Design & Architecture and EVOQ Architecture, Project Design Assistant, production of graphic elements, August 2020 – October 2020
Lab Ecole Shefford, Montreal, Unsuccessful competition, 2Architectures , Participation in the design of the project and production of graphic elements, August 2020 – September 2019
Multi-accueil Championnet Paris ( CPE) , Paris, France, renovation, Kalus Roussel Architectes, assistant to the design project manager, 2018-2019


Assistant architect & designer, NRDN Architects, Moscow, Russia, 2018
Signage design for parks, museums in Russia & Design of park chalets

Content creator, Montreal Boulevard Podcast, Montreal, 2019 – present
Host, producer