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Caroline Corbex

Architect OAQ, HQE
Principal project manager

High Environmental Quality training, HQE
Order of Architects Rhône Alpes Auvergne 2009

Emergency Architects training, Paris, 2009

DLPG Diploma
of Architecture, Lyon School of Architecture, France, 1997-2004

4th year of Architecture at University of Toronto, Canada

2 years of higher education at the National School of Fine Arts in Dijon, 1995-1997

Baccalauréat in Applied Arts, Mention AB, Grenoble 1995


Winner of the Heritage & Rehabilitation Prize of the Young Architecture of Lyon 2004



Caroline registered as an illustrator in 2004, set up her own architecture firm in 2006 and co-founded “Culture et Développement Durable” in 2009, to carry out renovation and construction commissions for cultural, living, leisure and working spaces. The challenge was to create her own structure, to generate the vertigo of this individual adventure, within a daring collective, to seize interstices and get off the beaten track. In 2012, stimulated by new horizons, her ambition was to design and manage large-scale pre-construction projects in the commercial, leisure, urban planning and collective housing sectors. She returns to Canada in 2019 to work at L’OEUF. Among other things, she is developing the graphic identity for L’OEUF.02.


Urban ecosystem, civic environment and housing
Not for sale! Exhibition at the Venice Architecture Biennale 2023 – Project Manager for Team 10 – Urban Ecosystems, in progress
Les discrètes de Rouen, Montreal, new construction of 12 units for women leaving homelessness, Participation in Design, 100% drawings and specifications, ongoing
Place Griffintown, Montreal, new construction of 54 housing units, demonstration project, drafting of specifications, 2023
Pôle Municipal de Vaudreuil-Dorion, Construction of a new municipal hub, City Hall, Library, Place, Vaudreuil-Dorion, Participation in building envelope design, execution documents, devis & AO 2020-2021-2022
Lab École, Rimouski, Construction of an elementary school Rimouski, Consortium LMA, Graphic designer of the competition boards 2020
PCI Meubles, CSSMI, production of school furniture using an integrated design process, Process Manager, 2019-2020
Hôtel Dieu, Clermont Ferrand, France, Construction of 245 housing units and 530 parking spaces, Macro lot, Sud Architectes, Project manager for design, building permits and coordination of drawings for calls for tender, 2016-2019
Loft CCM, Housing rehabilitation, Cachan, France, Caroline Corbex Architecte, 2010
Forum, Design and construction of the Forum project, an exhibition and cultural events space for the Lyon Biennial of Contemporary Art, France, Caroline Corbex Architecte, Project Manager, 2009
EHPAD, home for the elderly, Cabrières, Christian Piro Architect, in charge of drawings under Christian’s direction, 2007-2008
HQE prefabricated house, design and construction for a major DIY chain, Lyon, France, Caroline Corbex Architecte, Project Manager, 2009,
Social housing, Pierre taillée, Nîmes, France, Christian Piro Architecte, in charge of drawings under Christian’s direction, 2006-2008
Villa design Nice, France, 2004-2005, Atelier Baraness+Cawker

Mixed service and economic environment
Center Phi competition, Montreal, construction of new art center, in charge of design phase 01, 2022
Hôtel Dieu urban planning and programming, Clermont Ferrand, France, Design and submission of planning permission, Sud Architectes and consortium of 5 agencies, Project manager and coordinator of the 5 firms, 2013-2015
Macrolot lot 02, Zac de la Courtine, TGV station Avignon, France, Architectural programming, Sud Architectes, Project Manager, 2018-2019
La Fabbrica, Design for the rehabilitation of part of the Fiat hall, exhibition and retail space, Turin, Italy, Sud Architectes, Project Manager, 2015
Décines, France, Design brief for a complex of tertiary buildings, housing and parking lots for evaluation of the urban regulatory scheme carried out in the firm, Sud Architectes, Project Manager, 2015
Waste exhibition, Casablanca, Morocco, Structure Corbex & Damani, Culture et Développement Durable, Project Manager, 2009
Domaine du Vion, Grenoble, France, Design of an equestrian center for a psychiatric hospital, Structure Corbex & Damani, Culture et Développement Durable, Design Project Manager, 2010
Urban artistic and political event around the city environment with the opening of an industrial wasteland which became self-managed, Lyon, France, Association Robins des villes, In charge of scenography, security, invitation of artists, participation and follow-up to self-management, 2002-2004.

Graphic identity L’OEUF 2.0
Freelance illustrator, CC lab, 2004-2005
Set designer, Art Gallery Toronto and Robins des villes, 2000-2002