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Alexie Gauthier-Bertrand

Architect OAQ
Project manager

International exchange year as part of the bachelor’s degree 2007-2008
Master’s degree in Architectural Design, Explorations in Architectural Design Orientation, University of Montreal, 2008-2010
Higher Institute of Architecture of the French Community La Cambre, Belgium
University of Montreal, Bachelor in Architectural Design, 2005-2007


Alexie has experience working in architecture in Montreal, but also abroad. After her studies at the University of Montreal, curious to discover other ways of practicing architecture, she worked for four years in France on various public, sports and school projects before coming back here. During her studies, she was particularly interested in the Montreal interior city and the transition between public space and a more intimate interior space, as well as in the more poetic and sensitive perception of the environment through architecture. She also studied for a year in Belgium and participated in an international workshop in Japan to enrich her experience. In parallel to her professional practice, she is interested in the improvement of the living environment and the development of her immediate community, notably through her involvement in the greening of her alley.