Our design comes straight from the heart.


We're dreaming of a better, brighter, world – one that is just, harmonious, happy and alive! We believe this world can be brought to fruition, by thinking big.

Our big ideas generally fall under the following themes: community, transferability, energy, circular economy, equity, sustainable mobility, beauty, wellness, health, resilience, adaptability, green service, space, water, natural systems, education...and we integrate these ideas into our designs as early as possible.


At L’OEUF Architects, we have deep experience in building BIG IDEAS. We tailor our services to the specific visions of our clients. L’OEUF is where their big ideas, the ones that will make a more beautiful world, are turned into sustainable realities.

Our Passion : making wicked problems simple. We understand that innovative ideas disrupt, and we work to make that productive. We understand that our cities and buildings are complex, and we work to simplify complexity into resilience.

We work closely with our clients using our unique, collaborative co-creation process to find innovative ways to make their BIG IDEAS real.

We work in many sectors – from small dwellings to large institutions, from urban analysis to interior design, from complex renovations and upgrades to simple housing for those in need. In every case, our projects are united by the beautiful, the sustainable and the real. That’s our mission, our BIG IDEA – to make every client’s BIG IDEA more beautiful, more sustainable, and more real. Sometimes, a project starts off quieter, but the BIG IDEA seed is nonetheless planted on day ONE and nourished. Being able to enable its longer-term growth is at the heart of our mission.


Humility : It’s not about us. It’s about our clients, and about their BIG IDEAS. We strive for simplicity, virtue and service to the greater good. Egos and preconceptions are parked at the door. Mostly, there is nothing to park. Ditto for our ‘friendly consultants’/team members that we work with!!

Idealism : We are ambitious. We aim high, we see far, and we believe that the best ideas deserve to be made real. Our partners help us aim higher and see farther. We strive for optimism and radical ideas. Our process is dynamic. We innovate together.

Realism : We get things done. We know the road and its chaotic twists and turns. We have deep expertise in making unusual projects work. We strive for the factual and the authentic. We are committed to our process because it’s what works. Collaboration and teamwork are necessary for project success.

Inclusion : We know how to listen, and listen creatively. Everyone has great ideas, and everyone wants a more beautiful world. We strive for relationship and affinity. We’re all in this together. Everyone deserves respect. Everything, too. Everyone comes along. Nothing should be left behind.

Creative listening

We believe deep down in the Integrated Conception Process.

ICP is a co-design method based on the principle of creative listening. It allows us to understand all the visions and expectations of our clients, communities, partners and stakeholders through honest and constructive exchanges. These exchanges take the form of unifying, inclusive and participative workshops.

Communication is a cruital element. Exchanges then feed deep reflections on the interactions, impacts and opportunities within the project, between program, natural systems, project economics, urban context and basic human needs. Love, family, home, togetherness, sharing, dialogue, learning, pride, and a united community are essential.

All this guarantees the design of an innovative, culturally informed project, developed together, and therefore directly in line with your expectations.

Services and expertises

L'OEUF is a full-service architecture firm focuses on holistic sustainable design and building solutions for 29 years.

We also have direct connections to local academic research centers. Daniel Pearl and Amy Oliver are also professors at the University of Montréal, as many of our collaborators have been.

Our work revolve about new construction, renovation and retrofit, in the public and institutional sectors, in multi-residential, in urban environments, including green infrastructures and sustainable focused developments and neighborhoods, and in buildings for the elderly.

Since 1992, L'OEUF  develops a unique expertise in sustainable development and in the management of complex projects. We are recognized for offering ecological resource management. We also have a long experience in public and community projects with restricted budgets and thight schedules. We deliver on our commitments and work with our clients as closely as possible to achieve a unique, personalized project. Our strength lies in our ability to manage project components such as schedules and construction costs. Working to protect the most vulnerable never leaves our objectives, and this also requires coherent and realistic planning and its rigorous control. The trust our clients place in us is of the utmost importance.

We have come to call our best projects our ‘big idea’ projects. Our best clients hire us for projects that change the world.