Process, Ethics & Values

At L'OEUF we take ethics seriously. Our decisions in design and in business are inseparable from our values.
Our values drive our process and are embodied within the the core principles of IDP: listening, communication and collaboration.

Beauty, Sustainability & Regenerative Design

Building beautifully is about making decisions that put the future of the planet and the resilience of our communities at the forefront. How do we occupy this world without depleting the resources available to us? How do we advance humanity's cause without harming the ecosphere? How do we build a world that is equitable and just?  How do we create a world that is more beautiful? These are questions we ask ourselves in everyday decisions.

© image - Annie Spratt

Idealism & Realism

We are ambitious. We aim high, we see far, and we believe that the best ideas deserve to be made real. Our partners help us aim higher and see farther. We strive for optimism and radical ideas. Our process is dynamic. We innovate together.

We get things done. We know the road and its chaotic twists and turns. We have deep expertise in making unusual projects work. We strive for the factual and the authentic. We are committed to our process because it’s what works. Collaboration and teamwork are necessary for project success.

© image - Matteo Vistocco


It’s not about us. It’s about our clients, and about their BIG IDEAS. We strive for simplicity, virtue and service to the greater good. Egos and preconceptions are parked at the door. Mostly, there is nothing to park. Ditto for our ‘friendly consultants’/team members that we work with!!

© image - Tom Barret


We’re all in this together. Everyone deserves respect. Everyone has great ideas for a more beautiful world - you just have to listen. We believe that everything is interconnected: people, systems, things. And we believe that no one should be left behind, so we listen creatively to bring out Big Ideas that are larger than the sum of their parts.

© image - Isaac Quesada