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Architects Declare 2021

Participation de Daniel Pearl

NOTE: We view this declaration as a living agreement rather than a static performative demonstration. Given our shifting context, upgraded commitments seem required. To start this process, we have proposed some minor upgrades noted with an ‘*’ below. As this is a collective agreement, please add your thoughts here. Our intention is to have updated commitments ratified and reaffirmed by Global Action Week (September 2021). Any questions / comments, please email]

Our interconnected crises of climate breakdown, ecological degradation and societal inequity – conjoined symptoms of ongoing colonization* – are the most serious issues of our time. The design, construction and operation of our built environments account for nearly 40% of energy-related carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, AND serve to literally concretize existing colonial systems and structures* – pervasively impacting the health of our communities* and the living systems that sustain us.

Building to support the intergenerational health of our communities and living systems will require rapid paradigm shifts in thought and action for everyone working in the design, construction and procurement of our built environments. Together with clients, collaborators, communities and Indigenous knowledge and rights-holders* we need to develop our buildings, cities and infrastructures as reciprocal* components of interdependent and mutually flourishing* living systems – so that they are* resilient and regenerative, now and for future generations.

The knowledge, research and technologies exist for us to begin this transformation now. Through collective will and collaborative action, we will elevate, empower and evolve our sustained action towards this.

Accordingly, we commit to:

  • Raise awareness of these interconnected crises, and the impact the built environment has on them, with our clients, colleagues and communities*;
  • Take immediate action through our projects, and in our capacities as advisors, advocates, educators, and enablers within our communities, cities, schools* and supply chains.

Towards this, we further commit to:

  • Design for whole lifecycle* reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, and advocate for investments in rapid transitions to renewable, resilient, climate-positive alternatives
  • Eliminate waste and harm, and support a rapid transition to circular / regenerative* economies
  • Adopt place-based* regenerative principles and practices to build the necessary capabilities to design and develop projects, environments and living communities* that go beyond net zero targets and thinking*
  • Advocate for the rapid systemic changes transformations required to address planetary health equity* crises – i.e. policies, funding priorities, collaborative infrastructures*, and implementation frameworks to empower* them

Join us in making this commitment. Signing on as an organization to the signature form below and sign on as an individual here.

We have the capacities to do this now, what is needed are the people committed to making it happen!

We can only do this together. #redesignthefuturetogether