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Notre Dame de Grâce Cultural Center

Urban ecosystem, civic and communautary environment 
2011 – 2016



Principal partners involved: Groupe EGP/ Pageau-Morel et Associés/ Vinci consultants/
NIP Paysage/ CS Design/ Sonar Consultants/ Société Logique

Delivery date: 2016

Location: 6400, avenue de Monkland, Montreal (Quebec) H4B 1H3

Overall budget: 13.5 M CAD

Budget allocated to the firm’s services: n/a


The community of the Notre Dame de Grâce neighbourhood wanted a “third place” library, emblematic of the 21st century, a space centred on the person, socially involved, accessible to all, innovative and in touch with its time. This close-knit, diverse and multi-ethnic community needed a place to meet, exchange and share. It is a project that contributes significantly to the community structure of the city. Thus, from the urban scale, where the L-shaped typology of the building is obvious, to the design of the interior spaces, which is simple and clearly legible, the cultural centre offers a wide variety of spaces. The 4500m2 are organised in a transversal “ZIG-ZAG” system and the circulation spaces are generous and continuous. The programme has been carefully studied and the attention paid to the management of proximities and interactions has allowed the creation of a new place that was not planned, not even imagined. The program combining library and performance space provides a new cultural heart to Montreal’s artistic landscape. Our creative spirit, combined with our experience in designing spaces that are perfectly calibrated to the needs, allowed us to create a place that is both dynamic and calm, ideal for reading and meetings. Two large public rooms allow the community to grow and all generations of citizens to come together. Gardens, atriums and courtyards interact with smaller, more intimate dens, so we have explored a wide spectrum of learning and community spaces. These elements combined make it the most visited library in Montreal today.
“A civic and cultural building, it is a centre for municipal services, a place for socializing and gathering in keeping with the spirit of the neighbourhood.
SOURCE: City of Montreal – Office of the Mayor and Executive Committee