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OBNL Chez Soi

Housing, communautary environment and ICP
1996 – 2006

Client : OBNL Chez Soi

Architect: L’OEUF S.E.N.C

Structural engineer: Nicolet Chartrand Knoll
Mechanical/Electrical Engineer: Martin Roy & Associates

Delivery date: June 2006
City: Montreal

L’habitation Chez Soi is an affordable housing development that is the result of an effective and committed collaboration between L’OEUF and the residents of the area. Closely linked to the Benny Farm project, together they form one of the largest government-subsidised, community-led neighbourhood renewal projects. This project combined affordability, green building technologies and adaptability for seniors, and followed the AccèsLogis guide.
Chez-soi and Benny Farm allowed us to put in place many of the methods for effective management, scheduling, costing and communication between the various stakeholders. Our role as coordinator for our client has enabled us to deliver an exceptional project in an accelerated and dynamic manner.

“Chez-soi is a very good project: it’s affordable senior housing, open to the street, open to the community, and it’s going to remain affordable because the building is energy efficient.
Bob Butter, Chez-soi Chairman of the Board.