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C40 DEMAIN Montréal

Urban ecosystem, civic, ICP, community and economic environment
2019 – 2023


Architecture: L’OEUF
GENSLER Partners

Partners: Pomerleau Vinci Consultants PageauMorel
Ivanhoe Cambridge

Expected delivery date

L’OEUF and the “TOMORROW MONTREAL” team have won the C40 Reinventing cities: Montreal competition in June 2019.

According to the C40 organization, this competition is a call for urban projects to promote carbon-neutral and resilient urban regeneration in cities around the world and to implement the most innovative ideas to transform underused sites into “icons” of sustainability and resilience.
Our team has set itself apart by daring to think further. The proposed urban strategy goes beyond a simple ecological transition and a string of energy efficient buildings. We have chosen to focus on education and collaboration for massive impact.
Some of us are aware of our behaviour, but don’t know how to change our habits and adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle without negatively affecting our daily lives. This is mainly what the Demain Montréal team sees as the key to truly reinventing the city. The firm has developed an inclusive and unifying project, based on the circular economy, citizen involvement and the sharing of tools as well as knowledge and know-how. The efficiency of these services will be amplified by smart technologies. People will live there, work there, but above all they will come to learn there. L’OEUF and Demain Montréal have chosen to propose solutions to measure the impact of these actions. These measures of success will then become incentives to continue the change, to better supervise and encourage but also to educate the community.
Committed and mobilised, the team set up an integrated design process (IDP) that pushed back against traditional implementations. With the support of ethnologists and specialists covering a broad spectrum of interrelationships, they took the time to question, understand, analyse and propose assumptions that aligned with the challenges at hand. In order to ensure long-term change and impact, it is necessary to understand the needs, barriers and commitment of all. Targeted focus groups, one-to-one interviews and participatory workshops with the community, for a multi-platform dialogue, identified rich ideas that would probably not have emerged otherwise. Ideas that are rooted in reality and geared towards a more responsible world.