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IDP for some Schools of the CSSMI

Urban ecosystem, civic environment and ICP


Client: CSSMI and GBI ingenieurie
PCI Architect: L’OEUF


Delivery dates 2019-2020-2021

The mission of the Commission scolaire de la Seigneurie-des-Mille-Îles, CSSMI,  is to organize the educational services provided for in the Education Act (E.I.A.) and in the pedagogical plans established by the government. The mission of the school board is also to promote and enhance public education on its territory, to ensure the quality of educational services and the success of students in order to achieve a higher level of education and qualification of the population and to contribute, to the extent provided by law, to the social, cultural and economic development of its region.

In this context, the commissioning of various PCI studies by the CSSMI for their schools, such as Curé Paquin, Le Domaine Vert Nord, Trait D’Union and school furniture, are important ways to participate in the quality of educational services for the success of students. It is a chain reaction of social, cultural, environmental and economic development of the region, present and future. All this process is important to participate in the life and continuous learning of the students. Life can seem complex, paradoxical, difficult, and requires us to be imaginative and resilient in moving forward with care. It takes the right attitude, skills and courage to prepare for the future. For these projects, we opt for this integrated design process. Thus, collaborative work with a moving, organic structure is needed to develop the best response. Our culture and our way of learning need to be rethought to understand life and its changing realities. Our education has a massive impact on our daily lives and on the quality of our society.

To live differently, let us think differently about learning. ICPs for the stimulation and development of every child and every futur adult.


“Movement is the sine qua non of life; and education cannot be conceived of as a moderator or, worse still, as an inhibitor of movement, but as an aid to the proper distribution of energies and to letting them develop normally.”

Maria Montessori, Pédagogie scientifique, tome 1. Paris: Desclée de Brouwer p.5